Language Teachers Association of Zambia


The Language Teachers Association of Zambia, formerly known as the English Teachers’ Association of Zambia (ETAZ) is a non-profit making organisation established on 20th August 1976. Over the years, the association has evolved and on 26th June 2009, it was officially renamed the Language Teachers Association of Zambia (LATAZ) in order to include in its programmes the teaching of Zambian Languages. Subsequently, the association was registered under the Societies Act Cap 119 of the Laws of Zambia on 7th July 2009 but was only given Certificate of Registration No: ORS/102/35/3801 on April 26th 2018. The association previously existed under the auspices of the head teachers association, but was separated through guidelines produced by the Ministry of General Education in 2015. LATAZ has a general individual membership of 2,600 with only 530 paid up for the year 2019. Structurally, it has a national executive committee led by the president, committees led by chairperson at provincial at district levels. Each structure is responsible for organising the association at its level and providing bottom-top reports/feedback. The first National Chairman was Brian Tomlinson and Secretary R. Elis who were both British expatriate teachers of English.

The overall aim of the association is to provide for the discussion of aspects of the teaching of language and literature and to stimulate and promote research into English and local language studies. It also provides continuing professional development for teachers of English and Zambian languages and runs language related competitions for learners.

Ezeliya Phiri and George Kanyama at the 2019 Hornby Regional School for Teacher Associations in Pretoria, South Africa

The Team

We are a group of professional teachers passionate about the development of expert research and analysis skills for better classroom practice and delivery.

Kanyama George


Chulu R. Chupa

Vice President

Charles Kabungo

National Secretary

Chimba Nonde

National Treasurer

Elina Munkondia

Deputy National Secretary

Catherine Namwila

Committee Member

Maurice Mushitu

Committee Member

Oliver M. Mwepu

ZAFT President

Moono John

Editor - English

Webby Kapaso

Editor - French

Vernon Mwandama

Editor - IciBemba

Monica Phiri

Editor - Chinyanja

Vernon Haampuwo

Editor - Chitonga

Remmy Kibalabala

Editor - Kikaonde

Ireen Malenji

Editor - Lunda

Muyatwa Kayando

Editor - Luvale

Monde Kawana Shabalala

Editor - Silozi